In an alternative reality, in a distopian city enclosed under a dome, oxygen has become dangerously scarce.
So scarce that people have to constantly live breathing from oxygen tanks. A big company, Aethernal, sees the perfect occasion and starts commercializing said tanks. Seeing this injustice, four individuals decide it’s time to fight and start robbing oxygen tanks to give them to the people. This is the starting point of Sold O2ut.

Sold O2ut is a 3D cooperative narrative-heavy beat’em up with platforming and RPG elements.
We want it to be a reconstruction of the beat’em up genre: calling back to games of the past while giving a breath of fresh air.

In the game players can choose between four characters, each with his own personality, special abilities and characteristics. Once they pick their favorite, they will have to fight hordes of enemies, jump through destroyed streets and imposing rooftops and use their unique special abilities to be able to discover the truth behind Aethernal and the Domed city.

Sold O2ut is our current and first big project as a team. We just finished a vertical slice of the project and went to gamelab to show it around and see what people think.

The Sold O2ut Demo is finally out! If you want to try it out and/or support us, get it at our page:


If you want to keep updated about the project, follow us on social media!

Twitter: @sandbloomstudio

Instagram: sandbloomstudio

Facebook: SandBloomStudio

Sold O2ut 1
Sold O2ut 2
Sold O2ut 3
Sold O2ut 4
Sold O2ut 5
Sold O2ut 6
Sold O2ut 7
Sold O2ut 8
Sold O2ut 9
Sold O2ut 10

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