Barcelona Games World and Sold O2ut

We are happy to announce our new game, Sold O2ut!

In the beginning of this month we went to the Barcelona Games World event to present the project we had been working on for three months. We arrived at the event extremely stressed AND sleep deprived. We left euphoric and realizing one simple fact:

We are Game Developpers.

That simple. We got to meet a bunch of cool people at the event: players who gave us all the feedback possible (good or bad, both useful); developers who we could share experiences with and from whom we could learn. To be able to be with people of the industry for four days straight really makes one realize the size of it. It’s not a hobby anymore. It’s our company, it’s our life. Our passion. Hum… no pressure, right?



And here we are with our project, Sold O2ut, which we’ve been working on for four months now. You can see more details of it in the games section of the website. Needless to say, we are really hyped for this game, it’s kind of our baby at this point. So we are hoping to be able to show you new things about it on a (more) regular basis.
So you know, stay tuned for new info and have a good day.