Hello, World!

Are you ready for us? Because WE are at last!

Since we created the concept of SandBloom, some months ago already, we see the industry of videogames as a desert, and the Indie creators as flowers who try to rise in it. We are aware that a lot of people are already working in this desert and a lot too created some wonderful games. But we also know that it’s a huge challenge for an indie developer to be successful today.

So we’re here to say Hello.
Hello to all the game designers, graphic artists, programmers, writers, musicians… out there, to let them know that we are here and we will for a long time. And that we know what we’re doing and we’ll fight to earn our place in the Industry.

We’ll bloom in the arid and difficult world that is videogames and we won’t abandon until we get there.

We are SandBloom.
Hello, nice to meet you and we’ll meet you at the top.